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Easy Low Carb Appetizer Ideas!

The big game is this weekend and I know appetizers are usually always our "go to" for snacking on while watching!

Here's some of my favorite recipes I whip up for get togethers:

Serve with some cheese crips, or bake some pepperoni chips to dip in to give it even more of a pizza feel! Click on the photo for this easy recipe.

You can easily triple or even quadruple this for a crowd! It's easy to throw together and sure crowd pleaser.

My most requested dish to bring to any get together! Yes this has been around for like forever and I'm not claiming I "invented" it (yep- people come after me for sharing this recipe believe it or not) but this is how I make mine!

These little crackers are so versatile. I know I miss having a LEGIT cracker sometimes on low carb and these hit the spot!

Make these easy tenders with my favorite bleu cheese sauce (have it for me since I'm dairy free right now!)

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