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Easy Boiled Eggs- My Tips & Tricks

Boiled eggs can be one of those things that seem easy, and yet they can downright be the most difficult thing ever!

Here's some tips I use when boiling my eggs!

1) Use a stainless steel pot

I've noticed the sturdier the pot, the more evenly they cook.

2)Do not crowd the eggs.

Use a big enough pot so the eggs fit snug, yet they can also "wiggle" a bit

I usually boil 8-12 eggs at a time.

3)Fill the pot with COLD water about 1-1/2" above the eggs

Too much or too little water will result in unevenly cooked eggs

4)Turn on the heat to high and immediately cover the pot

This keeps the heat concentrated on just heating the water and cooking your eggs and reduces the water evaporation

5)Set the timer for the desired "doneness" of your eggs.

When the timer goes off, immediately remove the pot from the heat and drain off the boiling water

Each stovetop varies (especially gas vs electric) so it's best to test this out personally on your own but here's a basic guideline for cooking times below.

6 minutes- runny soft boil

8 minutes- medium soft boil

10 minutes - medium boil

13 minutes- medium well boil

16 minutes- Well done boil

6) Shock them in Ice Water

Fill a large bowl with ice and water. You should have immediately removed the eggs from the heat and drained the hot water off. Now quickly submerge them in the ice water for about 2 minutes.

Remove them, and set on a towel to dry

7)Crack them at the BOTTOM and roll

To prevent that "tear" of the egg flesh, crack the eggs gently at the bottom on your counter top, then gently roll them on the coutnertop using the palm of your hand to further crack the egg. Peel up from the bottom where you originally cracked. Egg should peel perfectly!

8)Store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator

Enjoy them up to 7 days later!

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