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What Is Affecting Women's Cycles?

So first off- disclaimer I'm not a medical professional (thank goodness) and I am simply sharing my experience- plus many experiences of others.

What's been happening? I have to tell you this started around February for me personally but I had not pieced it all together. I just felt I was being "extra". For women we're just supposed to "deal" with our menses. Bleed in silence and just carry on like nothing is bothering you! What's the problem?

Fortunately, after I got my body to a wavelength of healing with a better diet my menstrual cycles became pretty regular. I didn't suffer from excessive cramps or anything like that. At most- my first 2 days of my cycle would be a bit uncomfortable but then the rest of the time I was good to go and just carried on.

But February, I had a really really heavy menses. Then March came and the pain was almost debilitating. April is here and I'm now on my SECOND CYCLE of this month.

This is not normal. Something is happening and there are THOUSANDS of women voicing the same concerns over irregular menstruation. Some have had multiple periods within a minimal time frame, others have excessive cramping, some have had NO period, others having crazy clots.... it's all unusual and not how we are supposed to be functioning.

Trying to put the pieces together, there are tons of accounts where people who have NOT received the covid vaccines seem to be affected the most by this phenomenon.

Upon interaction with someone who HAS received this vaccination. Is this the ONLY cause? No, I don't think so.

I truly believe this has more to do with radiation more than anything else. Personally, I live across the street from a disgustingly large 5g tower. I hate that thing. When we first moved here, there a was an "old school" cell tower way off in the distance of our back yard. I remember the realtor telling us the construction deal was that they were going to be ripping that down and we were happy! I mean who wants to look at that ugly site? I also wasn't fully aware of the effects EMFs have on our bodies at the time so I didn't piece that together.

Now we have this horrid thing that's supposed to be an "upgrade" and it's 10000000x worse. I'd take the old tower any day at this point.

Ok ok so back to this - how would radiation affect our menstrual cycle?

Taken from the American Cancer Society website:

Depending on the radiation dose, women getting radiation therapy in the pelvic area sometimes stop having menstrual periods and have other symptoms of menopause. Report these symptoms to your cancer care and ask them how to relieve these side effects. Sometimes menstrual periods will return when radiation therapy is over, but sometimes they do not.

Is this being brought on by sudden surges of an increased EMFs in our surrounding? I can't help but liken this to so many spikes in "viral" outbreaks that happen to pop up when there is an increase in electromagnetic fields.

The Russian flu of 1889 was thought to have come from an increase in electrical advancements. Although many people will brush this off to say it's a "conspiracy theory" you do have to begin to connect the dots somewhere along the line to realize our cells are in fact being disrupted by all of these advancements.

If nothing else, pay attention to the fact that radiation sickness mimics many symptoms of the c-word and could this now be affecting our hormonal output as women?

Many are stepping forward sharing accounts of insanely large blood clots, irregularity, sudden uterine hemorrhage, and even miscarriage's are up at an alarming rate.

One thing I can tell you, is that there is definetly something affecting women at an alarming rate. And to gaslight them and say "you're being crazy" or "there's no way that could be happening" is not acceptable. What happened to listening to all women?

This brings me to saying as much as many people are covering this, it doesn't seem like there are any spot on answers yet. But we have to keep listening and exploring, and stop saying "we believe in the science" when there are yet no basis for anything to be judged here.

Do you know of anyone whose cycle has been affected? What about you personally? I'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts on this.


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