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What Is the Source Of Your Limiting Beliefs?

What are limiting beliefs?

That's the sense of belief you have in yourself of what you CAN or CANNOT do in life.

So many times we catch ourselves saying "Oh but I could NEVER do that".... where does that belief come from?

Have you ever thought to question WHY you think the way you do? Why you have put yourself and your capabilities into a box?

Self discovery is a rough road, and it oftentimes leads to so many more answers than we ever thought possible. When you really sit and explore WHO and WHAT is behind why you think the way you do, you will more than likely find that these thoughts don't even belong to you!

I'm grateful to having found plant medicine to help me to connect to my inner self so many years ago.

I never realized personally how many limiting beliefs I had!

I sat and made a list of sources, and wanted to share because these may help you on your journey:

- Parents/family members

-Teachers, or other authoritative figures in your life

-Religious groups or cultural upbringings

-Societal beliefs (tv, mass media, groups of political influence)

When we are young we are so impressionable! The formative years of growing up is when these limiting beliefs are imposed on us. And we spend the rest of our lives cycling them through our thoughts.

I remember when I was in second grade and I asked my teacher if I could submit for testing for honors classes and she giggled and said "Oh sweet girl, you're not smart enough to do that. Just stick with what you know."

I remember feeling so deflated, but I bounced back to well she is probably right. And I never pushed to try for that ever again. I just kept my head down and did my school work. I was fortunate enough to never struggle in school, but I was never challenged the way I should have been. I look back and wonder how my life would be different had I shared that comment with someone close to me.

I sat on it for years and just allowed her to define me. It used to make me really angry when I would think about it, but now I realize it was part of what I had to process in my life.

Another part of my limiting beliefs was the religion I grew up in. Raised as a Jehovah witness there are very specific expectations of WHO you are, what you must believe, and even more so how you are to act. It felt as if my own thoughts never my own when I look back. And there were many points I would question WHY we believe the things we believe- to never really have a clear answer provided.

It was just "that's the way it is"

Needless to say I left all of that behind!

It's important to take the time to look back on your life and see where you developed your thoughts from. Especially in the moment we are currently living. I feel that people have really started to loose the sense of their own mindset. So many people are worried about that others think of them in regards to their personal health choices with the vaccine push. I don't think anyone should ever be forced to do anything to their body or mind that they don't see fit. And to burden them down with the pressure and using the words "Selfish" and "Stupid" to describe ones who opt to not partake in a medical procedure, shows an incredibly small mindset.

We are at such a pivotal point in our nation, our humanity, our existence...

Have you sat with yourself and become definitive in what you believe and why?

If not- there's no better time than right now.

Sit down with a journal and start today!

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