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Recommended Books- The Immune System Recovery Plan

By Dr. Susan Blum

  • I have attached links to my Amazon storefront. Please note I do make a very minuscule amount of commission (1%) off of any sales made using my link

I highly recommend this book if you yourself or anyone you know is struggling with an autoimmune disease or has been at a loss on how to move forward in self recovery.

This was one of the first books I ever read when I began my journey to health. I don't know if you are familiar with my back story, but I had years of suffering from an autoimmune, the onset of arthritis, as well as irritable bowel syndrome and "unexplained" infertility.

I bounced from doctor to doctor, and the end result was always to be put on a prescription medication to handle each various "issue".

The one question I kept asking that NO ONE could answer was "Why am I having these problems?"

"It just happens" was the repetitive answer I would get at every single appointment.

It wasn't until I had gotten a biopsy done on my thyroid to rule out cancer that I had an awakening from a nurse in the office. I was sitting with the doctor and he had told me I was negative for cancer but that could always change as the nodules on my thyroid progress and that I should just stop fighting the inevitable and "just take the thyroid meds and get on with your life". I left the office absolutely annoyed and just felt defeated. Later that day, a nurse actually called me from the office. She wouldn't give me her name but she said "There is a lot you can do naturally. Look into different books about healing your gut. You would be surprised what you can find out" And that was it- she hung up.

I started searching that night- and this was my first purchase. Using this book I was finally able to understand WHY my body was reacting the way it was. I was able to make notes so I could go to my doctor and demand for specific blood tests to be run on me. I finally felt like I could begin to be my own health advocate and start digging for the truths!

Purchase HERE

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