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Recommended Books- What Really Makes Us Ill?

By Dawn Lester & David Parker

This book is a massive undertaking- but so relevant especially in this day!

Over 10 years of research and study went into this book and tons of backed cited sources included.

We have been taught not to question medicine and blindly follow what is instructed to us by our healthcare providers, who for the most part give us a band-aid to mask any issues we have happening versus actually getting to the main cause of disease.

You will find out that much of what is assumed to be true has actually not been proven at all, and in many cases, the scientific truth is just the opposite. Modern medicine and science is becoming more of a religion than a search for truth.

There are parts of this book that you need to take with a grain of salt, and do your own pertained research. Much in the outline of the diet I personally don't agree with, because I do think we need meat to thrive properly.

It is a good dive into the germ vs terrain theory and helps expose a lot of the lies we have been told about our bodies.


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