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Recommended Books- Earthing!

So as you may know I'm doing the 75 Hard Challenge and one of the daily tasks is reading 10 pages of a non-fiction book.

I have TONS of books, just finding the time to read them has been my issue. But, as the saying goes you will find the time for what's important!

So every evening after the girls go down to bed I get my reading in.

I'm a little over halfway and my mind is BLOWN! This book literally breaks down how the earth is basically one big charger for humans. Story upon story about how so many people have come to resolve their chronic illnesses, swelling, pain and more just by simply reconnecting with the earth!

I highly recommend this as a read. I have about 40 more pages to go, but the studies shared that I've gotten to so far have me totally hooked. And it's explained so simply- just be barefoot! There's also recommendations on Grounding materials specially engineered that you can use year round if you live in a colder climate area such as sheets, mats, and even direct pads.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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