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Keto, Low Carb Tortilla Chips (Dairy Free Dough)

Here's an easy recipe for some crispy keto friendly tortilla style chips! I like to crisp these in the airfryer as the directions below indicate, but you could certainly fry them in some olive oil!

I've tried rolling the dough out and cutting it into circles for this, and it is extremely time consuming. I find the best method is using a tortilla press. Here's the one I used found here on Amazon:

Line the tortilla press with saran wrap, and use cooking spray to grease it each time you roll out


1 batch of my Everything Dough - recipe HERE

2 tablespoons garlic powder

1 tablespoon pink Himalayan salt, and additional for each chip batch

2 tablespoons olive oil


Make the dough as instructed.

Remove from the fridge and make a well in the middle of the dough. Pour in the olive oil, garlic powder, and salt. Mix well.

Line the tortilla press with the saran wrap and spray the cooking spray on both sides.

Take out a 3" ball of the dough, place in the middle of the press and push down. Open it up, and re-center the dough if necessary and press again. At this time cut the dough into eights, sprinkle with additional salt, and set aside.

Allow the dough to air out for about 15 minutes, then place in your airfryer. I cook my pieces for 5 minutes on 400 degrees. You may need to experiment as each airfryer setting is different.

Continue cooking all of the chips in batches. This yields a large amount!

You can keep the chips in an air tight container at room temperature upwards to one week.

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