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How to Start a Workout Routine

Updated: May 26, 2020

Its a new year, and so many of us start out with the idea of "new year new me" and want to get started on a new workout routine.

Maybe you're new to fitness, maybe you're someone who has only done cardio and wants to add in resistance training or vice versa. Whatever your level of experience is, there's no denying we can all benefit from MOVEMENT

But there's always that difficult part of getting started! We can lack motivation, or even the desire to want to put in the work.

Below I'm sharing some of the aspects that have worked for me to make it a goal to get movement in on the regular.


The biggest feedback I get is "How do you make the time?" Yes- I have four kids. I run two businesses, I'm a wife and I usually cook everyday. I found a time that works for me to fit it in!

You have to be realistic. Can you get up an hour earlier every day? Is it easier for you to get in a walk on your lunch break? What about the evenings- is it easier to do a circuit after you get the kiddos into bed? Even though it may seem like you don't have the time, you have to set it as a priority in your life and you will find the time.


Oftentimes we start working out and then expect to loose 10 pounds within the first week. Or are looking for some crazy muscle definition overnight. Realize that it takes time and dedication for these changes to happen. Don't allow that to discourage you. Keep your goal one of creating healthy habits and the changes will come.


Do you have someone who can go to the gym with you? A neighbor who also has young kids who can take them along on a stroller stride with you? In this day and age with social media our accountability partners can even be via apps like Instagram and more. A gym check in on Instagram is my personal accountability. There's no lying on that time stamp!


A lot of times a good pat on the back is what we need to keep us going! Set up a personal reward system. Make it public or keep it to yourself, but make sure to keep your goals in mind when setting these rewards. Don't backtrack on your fitness goals by binging on donuts and junk food. For instance, when you make it five days in a row to the gym why not set up a movie date night?

When you finally take that yoga class you've been intimated to do, why not reward yourself with that cute new sports bra you have been eyeing? I am a total sneaker gal so when I hit big milestones in the gym I have been working towards I like to reward myself with some new sneakers LOL


You will be surprised to see how many calories you are burning in a workout when you start tracking using an app or a fitness watch. A lot of times these apps also will prompt you on your movement for the day, in a sense becoming your personal "check in" accountability all on its own. Oftentimes these also have the feature where you can add a friend (who may be across the country even!) and you can compete!

Personally, there's a huge satisfaction in closing all of my rings daily on my Apple Watch!

Whatever your fitness goals may be, keep in mind that getting in any type of movement is so beneficial not just physically but also mentally!

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