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6 Tips to Staying Motivated While Working Out at Home

Staying in a routine of working out at home can be difficult. I know personally some weeks I will be on fire- just totally going at 110% every day. Then other weeks can just be so busy, and I get distracted so my workouts are definetly not up to par with what they could be.

I've found some steps that keep me consistent, and I'm going ot share those with you below!

1)Determine the set time in your schedule that works for you to commit to a daily workout.

There are some days the actual time will vary for you, but determine what period of day works best for you to commit to. For me it has to be the morning with four kids! So many things happen as the day continues if I put it off, I won't get to it! In all honesty the earlier in the morning the better for me as well. It sets the tone for my day. I always have a much clearer head and feel great after a morning workout!

2)Plan the workout you plan to do ahead of time

This applies to any gym visit as well. Knowing your plan is everything. Find a notebook, journal, or even an app that you like and write in what it is you are going to do and stick with it!

3)Prep your workout clothes, shoes, accessories ahead of time

Have your clothes and shoes already set aside. If you use an apple watch or fitbit, make sure it's charged at night so you can have it on hand to use. If there are little things such as ankle weights, or sweat bands you like to use have them cleaned and laid out with your workout clothes. This way you don't waste time searching for the necessary things.

3)Create a dedicated space to workout

Even if this means just a specified corner of your bedroom, know where it is you will be working out at. Keep that area clear and ready or if you have to use it during the day, clear it off in the evening so it's prepped for your use the next morning and you don't waste time clearing toddler toys, laundry, or who knows what out of that area.

4)Get sensible equipment

Don't waste your money in buying excessive equipment when you're getting started.

A few basics I'd recommend:

1)A yoga mat (for any surface you will be working out on to be easily sanitized)

2)A pair of dumbells with adjustable weight

3)A kettle bell

4)Sturdy set of resistance bands

You can always add additional equipment as you determine how you want to move forward in your fitness goals.

5)Have a backup plan

If you weren't able to get in your planned workout for the day have a backup plan for any type of movement. If you can get a 15 minute walk in on your lunch break, maybe even after work in the evening, or add on a few extra minutes to your workout the next day. Things happen and you may not get it in, and that's ok! Just make sure to stay focused with good intentions to hit your goals the next day.

6)Stage your own reward system

We all like working towards a good reward! Why not set yourself up for something fun with your consistency? As far as a reward goes, make sure it is within your goals (so don't go blowing it on some donuts!) Maybe a new pair of leggings for a month straight of consistent workouts? Or if you're a runner maybe some new running shoes! Think of fun different things to keep yourself working on your goals!

You can hit your goals while working out at home! Remember to always block off that time in your calendar as an appointment! Don't brush off your workouts because that is how you will build a routine. Make sure to remind yourself that you are doing this for YOU and YOUR HEALTH, so there's absolutely no excuses!

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