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Bunny "Butt" Gummies (Keto, Low Carb, Dairy Free)


2 - 12 oz cans coconut milk (room temperature)

4 tablespoons granulated sweetener (I used Pyure)

2 tablespoon flavoring extract of your choice (see directions below on multiple flavors)

6 drops food coloring of your choice (if desired)

5 tablespoons unflavored gelatin (see what I use HERE)


In a medium pot over medium heat, add in the coconut milk and sweetener. Mix for about 3 minutes and add in gelatin. Remove from heat. Divide equally into two bowls. I added 1 tablespoon coconut extract to one bowl, and 1 tablespoon lemon extract to the other bowl.

3 drops of food coloring per bowl as desired. (I used 3 drops of red to get the PINK bunny color) The white bunnies is uncolored jello.

Spoon into respective molds, refrigerate for 4 hours. Remove from molds and seal in an airtight container. Keep refrigerated.

This made 48 molds around 2" in size

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