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"I Didn't Do Anything Today"- and other mom thoughts that are absolutely ridiculous

As a mom I find myself wrapped up in a mindset of never “being enough” to everyone. Some days I am guilty of sitting there and thinking “Wow I’ve really done nothing all day” and in all reality I’ve cooked at least three meals for 4 people at any given time, washed at least one load of laundry (more than likely it’s been 3), wiped two hineys at least four times, found that “missing” toy or favorite hoodie for a kiddo, gotten in a workout of some sort, washed dishes by hand because I’ll be dammed if that dishwasher is gonna break again, planned out the next days round of meals, tied shoes, taken out the garbage at least twice, cared for the two fur babies, helped my husband find something he’s misplaced (on the daily), worked on business plans for my two businesses, and... I know there’s more that “swept under the rug” that I can’t pinpoint right now.

We don’t have to have it all figured out. It’s ok to not be “that” mom.

My house is never spotless and it probably never will be. And that’s ok! Remembering these moments will slip by so soon and they grow up so fast it’s ok to just take a step back and hug onto your babies and relax. They want a fun mom, a self assured mom, above all else- a HAPPY mom. And they can sense when you’re not happy. 

The balancing act is never ending. Taking a break we may feel guilty, but  It’s so important to remember we are people too- and allotting a minimum of one hour a day to ourselves is OK! 

Getting back to YOU in ways that work for you are important! Take that break the friend offers, or speak up! Tell your family you need help- can they watch the kids for an hour so you can roam target with said coffee in hand? Can you wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to have that tea alone before the craziness begins? 

Whatever you do, I hope you do something for YOU!

So tell me what is your favorite way to decompress? 

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