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What is CBG?

I'm so excited to share these new products with you all especially

CBD & CBG- wait what's CBG??

By now everyone and their grandmother (especially their grandmother, TBH) is well aware of CBD and its borderline miraculous-healing properties.

Now meet CBG- cannabigerol, is often referred to as “the mother of cannabinoids”

A cannabinoid which is infused with all of our **NEW** oils.

Some benefits to CBG may include:

✅The potential to treat glaucoma and relieve intraocular pressure

(this is HUGE because CBD itself does not address this)

✅Have antibacterial properties (particularly in regards to MRSA and Staph)

✅Showing major promise to reduce inflammation, including of the skin

✅Could help inflammatory bowel disease and colitis

✅Potentially fights cancer

(source- http://cannabisinternational.org/info/Non-Psychoactive-Cannabinoids.pdf)

Both CBG and CBD are currently considered non-psychotropic, meaning they won't alter your state of mind in a way that would inhibit your day-to-day function and mental clarity. They can, however, alter your mind in a way that could potentially relieve anxiety and depression

Look at your ingredients; Your oil should NOT have any of these fillers: MCT oil/coconut oil, vegetable oil, glycerin, water, sunflower seed oil, emu oil, etc.

📷 Your oil should be organic...

☠️ Non-GMO

🇺🇸 Grown in the USA!

🔥Third-party tested

If you’ve tried another brand in the past and it didn’t work for you... it's likely that there were very little Cannabinoids in your oil or none at all.

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