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What I used to Quickly Shake A Sinus Flare Up

So yesterday was my birthday and I knew Monday evening I was starting to feel not 100%.

I haven't been sick in quite a while so I was dreading this!

I quickly whipped out my arsenal:


Get the Filth Out!

A zeolite and fulvic acid easy and gentle detox. I encourage you to start off slow with this if you have not ever used a zeolite tincture before for cleansing. I was up to 3 drops a day and I tripled this to 9 for the first 2 days so I could speed up any detox my body was going thru.

2)Collodial Silver

Collodial Silver has been in our natural health arsenal for years!

Colloidal silver is a very efficient natural antimicrobial, effective at eliminating hundreds of types of disease-causing bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses

It's very simply just silver particles suspended in deionized water. There are several studies about how collodial silver works against bacteria. One explanation is that silver kills germs when it oxidies, then releases silver ions which are lethal to bacteria and yeast. There are several brands out there. I highly recommend purchasing one that is no less than 250 or 500 ppm.

A study from the International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology showed that collodial silver was an effective treatment for chronic sinus infections! (source linked below)

3)My Favorite CBD!

You already know this was coming. My favorite CBD was of course the next product I had by my side. Cbd eased off the sinus pressure and had me feeling relief super quick! My favorite right now is the 1000mg Dragons breath! It's now also available in broad spectrum (for those who have drug testing concerns!)

Some Additional Tips & Tricks for a quick recovery:

As well as the colloidal silver, you can also look at your diet to help ease sinus pain and infection.

Making sure that you are properly hydrated should be the first port of call, try to stick to at least 2-3 liters of water a day as this will help flush our your system.

Homemade bone broth can not only provide you with healthy nutrients, but it can also help to soothe the nasal cavities and respiratory system, along with providing important minerals essential for your healing.

You can also include onions and garlic as both of these help boost immune function.

Stick to a diet of vitamin C rich foods, as well as a liposomal supplement (easily absorbed by your body as most vitamin C is just discarded) this can help boost the immune system and speed up your recovery time.

Avoid sugar which decreases the white blood cells that can help fight off infection. Dairy products are also best to be avoided as they can often produce more mucus.

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