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What Are Your Thoughts on An Impending Second Lockdown?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

You can't deny that the media is pushing this agenda. I've been talking about this coming and after seeing this on ABC news (I know I know- the news is toxic and full of crap) you can't really turn a blind eye to what is being planned.

Regardless of your stance on the virus, I think we can all agree that the measures taken on lockdown affect everyone variously. But proper preparation for this "second wave" that they are clearly being made known is important.

Check out the screen shots that were shared with me:

So now what? If you have a large family it can be a lot of pressure to think about this. How do I prepare for three months worth of things?

Let's talk it out below, and if you have some ideas- send them my way so I can share them with the communtiy!

1)Prepare financially & have cash on hand

I think we all have been affected financially during the first lockdown. Start thinking now about what three months of no or reduced income would mean to you—and preparing to move as much of your work life online as possible. That goes double if your business depends on public spaces, especially restaurants. What shifts are you able to make? Is it possible to get a loan right now for your business that can later be handled? Making sure to have cash on hand is also imperative.

2)Have your necessary Supplements/ Required Medication on hand

If you take vitamins, supplements, or do happen to require any prescriptions now is a good time to get those in order and see if you need additional ones to prep to have on hand. If your child requires an epi pen, time to check that it is up to date and any other time sensitive meds do a quick double take.

Every Dr is different on giving additional prescriptions so you will need to use personal discretion in that regards to having refills ready. If you are due for a physical in order to have your prescriptions refilled be sure to schedule that now.

3)If you haven't already started, grow some veggies

Try your hand at growing some simple veggies. You can get a lot of "started" plants at Home Depot/Lowes and nurture them quick and easily! Being self sufficient in this way is so valuable and we oftentimes over look how easy it can be!

4) Buy a chest/large freezer

We made this decision a couple of years ago actually since we have such a large family and we buy meat in bulk when we see it on sale. If you are able to get a chest freezer, snatch one up. With all of the talk of there being "shortages" on meat (which we know is not the full truth) this is a great tool to have on hand.

5)Stocking up on meat

Are you able to go in with your family/friends and purchase meat in bulk from a local farm? You will probably find local sources to be much more reasonable. There are options for 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and even a whole cow where they will do all of the processing for you. Make sure to save those beef bones to make bone broth and freeze this as well.

6)Purchase a generator & have ample gas on hand

If power were to go down on the grid having a generator to keep all of your stock of meat and electricity functioning is vital. Oftentimes you can find used ones for good prices.

7)Have the ability to cook without electricity

We have natural gas so if the power w