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Wellness Wednesday Spotlight CBD & Greens Combined!

I used to take green supplements years back but steered away from them in my trek of a lowcarb lifestyle. So many were always full of sugar and even some things that were just flat out unnecessary! I remember one even having this wild fat burner that made my heart race like crazy, what a mess that day was!

So I was STOKED to find out we were releasing a greens supplement! Enter GREEN GODDESS

This baby is packed with powerhouse combo of organic greens, antioxidants, and vitamins & minerals. Plus it's sweetened with stevia, so it's totally low carb and keto friendly!

It fits in perfectly with my busy lifestyle because let's face it, four kids keeps me juggling everything!

I have been putting it in this easy protein packed smoothie, check out my simple recipe below!

1/4 scoop unsweetened Greek yogurt 1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1 scoop green goddess 5 blackberries Ice to your liking

Blend and enjoy!

I highly recommend grabbing yours today, it's one of our top 3 sellers and I know our inventory is LIMITED!!

Click here: www.Arieyl.com/liane

Make sure to check out as a VIP to get my $20 discount

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