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Trouble Sleeping? Try this new CBD combo!

While I don't have issues falling asleep, I do have trouble STAYING asleep!

Tossing and turning and waking up to go to the bathroom, then tossing and turning again and again... It gets old!

Enter our new CBD Sleep gummy- HIBERNATION! With a combination of melatonin and valerian root I take one and I am able to sleep all the way through without any disturbances!

The number one question- what do you feel like the next day?? Totally AMAZING! There's no groggy or dragging feeling at all. I wake up ready to go! I can't have anything dragging me down with four kids to chase after here!

This gummy is THC free too, so you can also administer this to kids! Not that my teens need help sleeping, but sometimes just to settle their minds earlier than the usual they take one and it puts them right into a deep sleep!

Try them out today as a VIP and get my special discount pricing!


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