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The Health Benefits of Using Natural Deodorant

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Today I'm sharing an easy DIY homemade organic deodorant! If you are just switching to natural deodorant, you may find it helpful to do my Activated Charcoal underarm detox, read about it HERE

Some of you may be wondering, what's the big deal about deodorant? I just buy a stick and boom, done I smell great! But did you know it's actually beneficial to sweat? Sweating is our bodies’ way of regulating temperature and releasing toxins, two very crucial jobs.

Antiperspirants and chemical-laden deodorants clog up pores and don’t allow the body to properly release the sweat necessary to cool down the body and release toxins (why they’re called anti-perspirants).

Not to mention that they’re completely unnecessary for preventing body odor.

Luckily for our bodies, sweat isn’t what actually smells; it’s just a mixture of salt and water. What does create that dreaded body odor is when sweat comes into contact with the natural bacteria that lives on our skin. Changing this reaction is easily done with natural deodorant.

The buildup of sweat beneath the skin also comes with a buildup of the good bacteria that actually digests sweat, limiting the ability your body has to digest any bad bacteria, making your sweat smell even worse. Furthermore, the aluminum compounds can cause an acidic reaction to fabric, which is what makes those gross sweat stains on your white t-shirts.

Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer have both been linked to aluminum compounds found in antiperspirants, and some might even contain infertility-causing toxic chemicals. Natural deodorants don’t block pores, so that good bacteria keeps working, meaning less odor even when you’re not wearing any deodorant. An irritation-free armpit results in a closer (and longer-lasting) shave, and you can forget about worrying over your white t-shirt getting yellow pit stains. Some ingredients used in natural deodorants (like witch hazel) can also shrink pores and smooth razor burn.

Switching to Natural Deodorant:

  • It’s a good idea to go "deodorant free" for a few days before switching over. When you stop using deodorants with chemicals and aluminum, your body will start to push these chemicals out. During this time it's best to do an Activated Charcoal mask on your underarms to pull out the toxins that may be trapped. It can speed up the detoxification time significantly. Check out my easy DIY here

  • If you’re not comfortable going deodorant free (or you’re like me and know that’s not a pleasant option for the sake of humanity), consider dabbing on a combination of tea tree oil, lavender or thyme essential oil, and coconut oil for a natural and irritation-free mixture that will protect against unwanted smells.

  • Exfoliate underarms weekly and wash daily, to assist in the detoxification and prevent body odor.

  • Try to stick to fabrics with natural fibers (like cotton, hemp, and silk) during the transition period. Polyester and acrylic fabrics trap moisture and can cause mold to grow on clothing, which results in a foul smell.

  • When you look for a natural deodorant that works for you, be sure to read all ingredients. Some labeled "natural" still have hidden ingredients that are not the best. Experiment with those that are baking soda based because they can still cause irritation for sensitive skin.

  • Steer clear of deodorants with parabens or propylene glycol, which are likely to irritate skin.

  • Remember that deodorant is not one-size-fits-all. Try each deodorant for a couple weeks, as it takes your body time to adjust. Know that it might take a few different tries and some time before finding the right natural deodorant for you. But once you do, you’ll never go back.

If you'd like to make your own deodorant, here's my easy DIY!

Homemade Natural Deodorant

You'll need:

1/2 cup witch hazel

1/4 cup purified water

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

5 drops lemon essential oil (link to shop organic oils HERE)

8 drops tea tree essential oil (link to shop organic oils HERE)


Mix all ingredients in a non-reactive bowl (glass or stainless steel) store in a spray bottle.

Use up to 3 months.

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