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The Conscious Chick Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

I think shopping for thoughtful gifts is sometimes a lot more complicated than what we make it!

For your conscious friends, it just takes a little bit of digging into what things they like!

I've put together a list I've compiled with some of my close conscious girlfriends and what we would want for the Holidays and sharing below! There are some affiliate links attached, I appreciate your support utilizing them!

1)Crystal Water Bottle

This caught my eye immediately! I love anything crystals (DUH!) and seeing this combined into a glass bottle to get my daily water in was a no brainer to get!

Click HERE to order!

2)Organic Bath Salts- Holiday Cheer!

Shameless plug to order my all natural organic bath salts! Every batch is made to order by me with only the highest grade ingredients. Holiday cheer even has food grade glitter in it!

Use code "NEWSLETTER" to save $4 off and get free shipping thru this Saturday! Order in time to beat the mail rush.

Click HERE

3) Homegrown Mushroom Kits!

These have been so fun for us to do as a family! We have gotten the yellow oyster, lions mane, and reishi so far. They are easy to grow and we end up getting 2-3 harvests out of each box! I purchased these from NearbyNaturals.com and they ship directly to your door!

4)Be Kind T-shirt

Check out one of my favorite Etsy shops here that designs ANY customized t-shirt!

Glow Gang is behind so many cute designs, especially this "Be Kind" one is so cute and I have a great discount they offered for me to share with my subscribers!

(I make no commissions, just passing a great deal to all of you)

Click HERE

5)Massage from a Local Massage Therapist

Support your local salons and spas! So many people were out of income during the initial shut down in salons & spas and need your support. Make sure to find INDEPENDENT local massage therapists! They have rent to pay in the salons and places they are working at!

And honestly- who doesn't want an amazing massage!

6)Plants are a girls best friend!

Bring some out of the outdoors inside! If you're worried about not being a "green thumb" person try out simple plants like this Snake plant! It literally can survive almost anything! They grow upwards to 5 feet tall and require very little attention!

7)The NEW Cloud *8* CBD Supplement that is all the rage!

Step onto a cloud! Featuring our NEWEST supplement that packs 5mg of THC per gummy. And yes it's totally legal!

These will sell out!!

Click here to shop my link, and make sure to hit the BIG BANNER that says "Become a VIP Member" so you get all my discounts!

Shop here>> www.arieyl.com/liane

8) Crystals.... of course!

Even if someone hasn't expressed interest in crystals, I've never seen anyone NOT be thrilled about getting them! There's so many different ones that have meanings and of course they are a beautiful and meaningful gift no matter what!

9) Glass "Flowering" Tea Kettle!

I just got this the other day and I can't wait to make my own herbal infused teas in it! Hint hint- I have some coming your way from my online shop too that are going to be so fun to make in something like this!!!

Click HERE to order

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