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My Favorite Fashion Dupes High Class, Low Budget

Although most days you will catch me in a racerback tank and sneakers, I LOVE to get dressed up. When I get to have a girls night out, or a date night with my husband I love getting ready and getting to feel cute!

I love options to have on hand as great staples, and below I'm sharing some of my favorite "dupes" for some of the designer looks that are pretty popular.

If you do purchase any I'd appreciate you using the links I've tagged on as they do connect to my Amazon storefront to where I make a small commission.

You can shop all of my favorite dupes by clicking here

Gucci HorseBit "Bucket Bag" Purse

I am absolutely in love with this style of purse!

Here's the Gucci one, coming in at $2,100- a little steep for me but it's so cute!!!

Check out the dupe I found here on Amazon for $28.99 !

Valentino Heels

Granted when I stumbled upon these I had no idea Valentino even made the original. I know I know- how could you not KNOW?? Well spoiler alert, I'm really not the trendiest person. But I do love a hot looking heel, and these are BEAUTIES!

Original black pumps $857

Kaitlyn Pan knockoff $119.99

You can snag a pair here!

Chanel Backpack

Ahhh! I've always loved how cute and versatile this style is! It could be used for everyday but also dressed up!

Here's the original coming in at $3,900

Here's the dupe I found on Amazon for $37.98 , totally cute!!

Chloe Bag Dupe

This is such an adorable option for a night out purse

Brand Name Chloe Tess- $1,890

Goodnight Macaroon Over the Knee Boots

I have these in almost every color- oops! They are super comfortable and every time I wear them out I get compliments and everyone thinks they are the expensive brand!

There's a great stretch too so if you are worried about them fitting your calves, I think they are pretty flexible!

Designer $162

Let me know what you think and if you make out with any awesome deals! Make sure you're subscribed to my blog so you get notifications when I post more of my favorite dupes!

Side note** these are just some fun shares for those who want to achieve that look but have a more controlled budget. Like for example, a stay at home mom with four kids (isss me)

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