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Momma's Evening Routine

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Dinnertime, bathtime, clean up after dinner, make sure everyone pees before bed, checking that no one needs another "last sip" of water.... to then be followed by bedtime and cuddles... and then back out to the playroom to pick up the adventures of the day (AKA dodging blocks and stepping on shopkins that cause the worse pain ever!)

That's usually how my evenings go, and they will for a long time and its to be expected with two toddlers and also two teens.

But all too often I was just finishing those tasks up, followed by a little bit of laundry and then passing out to whatever TV show my husband was watching at the time.

I wasn't setting the stage for a truly evening "calm" like I've always strived to give my kiddos.

So I made some easy changes, and I wanted to share them with you because I'm sure you're probably all too familiar with the whirlwind and pass out routine too!

They're just a few simple steps, but I really have benefited from them over the past few weeks.

1)I started setting up my nightstand to only have items that are calming.

No cluttered "to do" lists, no planners for the next day, no lists of impending errands allowed. Simply my items to relax like my diffuser, essential oils of choice, a candle, and of course my water for the evening.

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My favorite one is SLEEP from the Mantra line! Sooo relaxing!

2)Keeping the supplements I take at night all ready there

All too often I'd get into bed only to have to scramble to get back out to the kitchen, bathroom, or lord knows wherever it was that I left that bottle of CBD.

Now I keep one by my bed, along with my other supplements.

You know my favorite CBD line can be found HERE

and the supplements I take are all trusted from THORNE and ANCESTRAL SUPPLEMENTS (code Liane to save 10%)

3) Having my day planned ahead of time

Having my day outlined the night before makes the following day so much more efficient. I love crossing things off of a list so even mundane things like "make the bed" go on my list.

If something comes across my mind while making my list like oh we need apples for the girls, I simply add it into my list. All bases covered the night before so I know exactly what the next day entails.

I cross it off, and it's done.

4)Disconnecting from social media and the phone

This one is a constant struggle for me. As someone who spends a big part of her time on social media for her business, it can be difficult to detach! I've made it a point that once the girls are down for bed the phone is done for the night.

It's helped me to be able to be focused on everything else. I do the last little bit of picking up around the house, prep for the next day (making the kids lunches etc)

5)Having hot tea and unwinding with a book, chit chatting with a friend, or just listening to calming music

All too often we have become dependent on the TV for evening entertainment. Thankfully I've never been an avid TV watcher from the way I was raised, but still I would find myself watching something just to "fill the void" in the room.

I've been making it a point to read at least 5 pages in a book, alongside a cup of hot tea. Whatever that combination is, it's pretty magical if I do say so myself! There are definetly times I read more than 5 pages, but sometimes I do get super relaxed and doze off LOL

What are your routines you put in place for the evening?

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