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July 4th Themed Charcuterie Board

Check out this fun and festive board I put together for some July 4th festivites!

A tray filled with red, white, and blue tasty goodness. Here's whats on the board:

  • Brie Cheese

  • Sliced red radishes

  • Salami topped with Provolone cheese star cut outs

  • Candied bacon

  • Homemade Tzakiki dipping sauce (click HERE for recipe )

  • Sliced Red Bell Peppers

  • Beef Jerky sticks

  • Sliced white cheddar

  • Paprika and garlic roasted cauliflower bits (click HERE for Recipe)

  • Homemade Vanilla cheesecake "dip" (click HERE for recipe)

  • Macadami nuts

  • Homemade keto waffles- sliced and airfryed to be used as dippers (click HERE for recipe)

  • Blueberries

  • Blackberries

  • Pepperoni

  • ChocZero white chocolate chips

  • Blackberries

  • Strawberries

  • Everything dough star cookies drizzled with colored Choczero white chocolate (click HERE for recipe)

  • Sliced havarti cheese

  • Homemade Candied Bacon (click HERE for recipe)

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