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Immune Boosters!

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

I think the notion that gut health is so important is finally becoming a normal thought for people. Over 80% of the immune system lies in your gut. Maintaining a good amount of healthy bacteria in your gut is imperative to staying healthy!

Diet is so important for good gut health so make sure to eat a clean diet that contains lots of healthy proteins, greens, and moderate carbs is essential. When I say carbs you may reel back and say "But you're keto!" Yes- I follow a ketogenic lifestyle. However, I certainly believe healthy carbs can be very beneficial for you such as sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, and even some legumes like edamame- all consumed with moderation of course.

If you have additional gut issues, it may be a time to think about temporarily eliminating dairy as well to see how your body feels.

A lot of supplements do not even survive past your stomach acids to be properly distributed, or can be mixed with fillers such as rice flour, cornstarch, etc.

Oftentimes we take for granted to NOT read labels because we trust that since it's a supplement and natural, it MUST be healthy for us.

The FDA does NOT regulate any labels on supplements. So its totally up to you to be your own health advocate.

Personally, I read labels like it's my job! Partially this started because of my autoimmune disease, and certain ingredients throw me into a full blown flare up for weeks on end. But now even more so I realize how important finding CLEAN supplements are.

Here's a few of my favorites I listed below.

Disclaimer- I am not a medical practitioner, simply sharing some supplements that work for me and my family. As always, discuss usage of any supplements with your primary care physician and ensure there are no counter actions with any current medications you may be taking.

**Full Disclosure- All Links attached are affiliate links I earn a small commission from these however I never associate myself with any products that I do not use myself. These are my recommendations based on personal experience. I am not a medical doctor see medical disclaimer above**

1)Multi Vitamins

Standard Multi Click HERE

Prenatal Click HERE

You will see Thorne products mentioned quite on my blog!Their stance on products is next to none in my opinion.

A good clean multivitamin that your body will ABSORB is the basis to start. So many vitamins are packed with a bunch of garbage, and on top of it never make it past your digestive track to even be absorbed fully. Have you ever taken a multi vitamin and then seen your urine be a radioactive yellow/green? That's a sign of an overabundance of B12 being excreted from your body.

Yes- vitamins are produced as sort of a "one size fits all" and we are all unique individuals so that can be tricky to get past. Thorne products are all pharmaceutical grade, no fillers, and something I have utilized across my family for over 3 years. I trust their products and have only had good experiences. As always, do your research and find what is best for you.

I choose to currently still supplement with the prenatal since I have a baby who just recently stopped nursing.


Topical Spray: Click HERE for Amazon Prime link Magnesium Bath Soak Flakes: Click HERE for Amazon Prime link

Chelated Magnesium Supplement: Click HERE for Amazon Prime link

Magnesium Supplement Drink (for those who don't like to swallow pills): Click HERE for Amazon Prime link

When it comes to magnesium, there are so many benefits.

We don't nearly consume enough magnesium in our diets. Especially if you are following a ketogenic lifestyle, your need for magnesium is even greater than the norm.

There are various forms to take magnesium. Topical treatments are highly absorbed by your skin. Supplements can be taken in pill form, or mixed into water. I have used all of the recommended products listed and have been very pleased with them all.

Magnesium Bath Soak Flakes: Click HERE for Amazon Prime link

Put simply,magnesium chloride flakes absorb more easily into the body than Epsom salts. As a result,magnesium flakes have been shown to provide more concentrated bio-available magnesium into the body, and Create more intense and longer-lasting effects. This is an enjoyable way to get magnesium into your body via a nice warm bath.

Magnesium Topical Spray: Click HERE for Amazon Prime link

Using a Magnesium Topical Spray is a quick fix for those sudden onset of charlie horses, or a great way to get the topical benefits of magnesium when traveling. If you haven't ever used topical magnesium sprays it is known to feel sort of "itchy" when you first begin using it. Do not be alarmed. Your body will adjust to this feeling as use increases.

The sprays also provide:

  • A quick way to replenish your body's magnesium

  • Instant Relief for cramps

  • Helps bones absorb calcium.

  • Relieves muscle tension and speeds up recovery time.

  • Allows for a restful sleep

Chelated Magnesium Supplement: Click HERE for Amazon Prime link

When it comes from a supplement, magnesium is poorly absorbed into your bloodstream. You'll get more of the mineral when it's connected to a substance that is easily absorbed. This substance, called a chelate, is usually a type of acid.

One chelated form used in supplements is magnesium citrate, but when the supplement is actually called magnesium chelate, it refers to magnesium united with amino acids. This type of magnesium and amino acid chelate produces a supplement that is absorbed better than any other form of magnesium

Magnesium Supplement Drink Click HERE for Amazon Prime link

All the same benefits as the supplement listed above, but in a powder form. If you have a hard time swallowing pills or just don't like them this is a great option for you. There are no additives either, so you don't have to worry about extra calories or sugar.


There are tons of probitoic brands out there for purchase. The best type of probitoics in my opinion are thru fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, and even kombucha (watch for excess sugars added to these though)

It can be difficult to eat these on a daily basis though, so oftentimes we supplement in pill form.

Many probitoics do not make it past the acids in your stomach for proper digestion. All brands of Thorne probiotics resist destruction by stomach acid & antibiotics, have controlled, extended-release delivery

Also, every Thorne product is made without gluten or other major allergens (eggs, tree nuts, peanuts). This product also contains no dairy, yeast, fish, or shellfish.

These two are my favorites:

The sport flora I really enjoy because I am very active. (Amazon link HERE)

The pearl supplements are good for everyone in your household (Amazon link HERE)

4)Diatomaceous Earth

Here's the link to the brand we use- Click HERE

Diatomaceous simply means full of diatoms, with the single-celled honeycomb structure of these algae organisms containing a number of trace minerals that are essential for human health. Simply put, these diatoms work their wonders by gently exfoliating the gut and infusing trace minerals into the body as they go. 

Around our house we call it "dirt" LOL

I first stumbled across this superfood back when I began my trek to heal my thyroid autoimmune disease hashimotos.

Many of the benefits of diatomaceous earth are related to the silica content, which accounts for roughly 80-90% of its overall composition. Silica has been found to regulate the balance between magnesium and calcium in the body, with this balance essential for maintaining healthy hormones.Silica affects all of your hormones, including your thyroid, with the selenium in diatomaceous earth also assisting with thyroid hormone metabolism

Silica can be beneficial in soaking up and sweeping away a range of heavy metals and other toxins, as well as helping to eliminate intestinal worms, intestinal parasites, and other dangerous micro-organisms. The silica in diatomaceous earth can be taken to reduce the accumulation of waste and improve gut health, with silicon dioxide found to improve gastrointestinal disorders -

The list goes on and on about the many benefits of consuming/using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth:


*Skin Exfoliant

*May Help Lower Cholesterol

*Helps Regulate Healthy Sleep Patterns

*Essential in Collagen Production

*Strengthens the Immune System

*Natural Flea Repellent for Pets

Make sure you always purchase 100% FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth!

Here's the link to the brand we use- Click HERE

Everyone in my family drinks this weekly! You simply mix it with water and thats it! Start off with a teaspoon dosage and be sure to consume lots of water. Also since diatomaceous earth is a natural detoxifier be sure not to consume any medications/supplements within 3 hours of consumption.

5)Shield Spray

Click HERE for the link (go to shop, then scroll down to the sprays)

I am in *love* with this Immune boosting oral spray!

Shield is an Alkaline Formula with Coral Calcium & Chlorella that will help balance the PH levels in your body. More people today are trying to make their bodies Alkaline. An alkaline state reduces the possibility of disease operating within.

Shield is the only Alkaline spray in the world that will promote high PH therapy helping to make your body Alkaline. Use Shield daily for maximum protection for your body!

6 sprays 1x a day and 33 servings per bottle it's definitely worth it!


We only use 3rd party lab tested, US Hemp Authority Sealed CBD products from Hempworx.

My shop link is HERE

Studies show CBD tends to be very effective in strengthening the immune system. CBD is an immune suppressor so it has positive effects when the immune system becomes hyperactive or weakened. A hyperactive immune system causes overreaction when met with allergens or diseases and can even self-harm the body

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce the immune system’s inflammatory response. Inflammation is a vital response that isolates infected areas and prevents toxins from spreading.

The immune system has two ways in which it fights against diseases, the cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity. Maintaining the right balance between the immunities is required in order to keep the immune system’s functions optimal. The endocannabinoid system is said to control and regulate the proper balance between humoral and cell-mediated responses. Therefore, the stimulation of ECS through active cannabinoids like CBD helps in enhancing the health, balance, responsivity and functions of the immune’s system. The CBD and ECS are extremely involved in maintaining the optimal functioning immune system.

7)Liposomal Vitamin C

I've used both of these brands with lots of success:

Seeking Health- click HERE

Lypho-Spheric- click HERE

Vitamin C for the common cold is something you've probably been supplementing with for a long time.

The best understood advantage is that liposomal vitamin C has a much higher bioavailability than standard vitamin C.

Bioavailable simply means how well it absorbs into your system. Utilizing a liposomal vitamin C supplement allows your small intestine to absorb more of the nutrient than a standard supplement. 

Liposomal is a preparation that contains the active supplement inside very tiny, fat-like particles. This form is easier for the body to absorb and allows more drug to get to the target area of the body. Liposomal supplements may have fewer side effects and work better than other forms of the drug.

A 2016 study in 11 human subjects found that vitamin C encapsulated in liposomes increased vitamin C levels in the blood by more than 50% compared to an un-encapsulated (non-liposomal) supplement at the same dose

. Benefits of liposomal vitamin C include cardiovascular support, skin health, cancer protection, increased collagen production, and reduced oxidative stress throughout the body.

8)Collodial Silver

Nasal application Click HERE

Oral application: Click HERE

Colloidal silver contains 99.99% pure silver particles suspended indefinitely in demineralized water that kills bacteria and viruses. It can be applied topically and/or absorbed into the blood stream sub-lingually (under the tongue), thereby avoiding the negative effects of traditional antibiotics that kill good bacteria in the lower digestive tract.

The presence of colloidal silver near a virus, fungi, bacterium or any other single celled pathogen disables its oxygen-metabolism enzyme, its chemical lung, so to say. The pathogens suffocates and dies, and is cleared out of the body by the immune, lymphatic and elimination systems.

Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics which destroy beneficial enzymes, colloidal silver leaves these beneficial enzymes intact. Thus colloidal silver is absolutely safe for humans, reptiles, plants and all multi-celled living matter.

Additionally, NASA relies on silver ions to help purify water on the International Space Station. 

As people search out natural ways to support their health and well-being, silver is gaining more widespread recognition for immune support.

The nasal application can also be used for ear discomfort, or even a spray down the back of your throat. I tend to keep the nasal one on hand more so due to the smaller size which makes it easier to keep in my purse and on hand.

9) Bioplasma Salts

Click HERE

These are one of the most important supplements in my opinion.

Cell salts satisfy mineral imbalances in the body, stimulating the body’s natural healing process. When your body lacks these important cell salts, you are more vulnerable to common health concerns. By replenishing them, your body is better prepared to treat illnesses and enjoy better overall wellness.

Bioplasma tablet contains the 12 cell salts that your system needs to restore a necessary balance that will bring symptom relief.

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