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Eating Healthy.. What does it mean to you?

So we are 3 months into the new year- wowza! Where has time gone? If you had a new years resolution, how are you doing with it? I know last month a lot of the country experienced awful weather and that made so many just go of course unwillingly.

So let’s talk about eating REAL foods here guys. I’ve been in the “keto/lowcarb” space for quite a while. I’ve seen some ways of thinking that are really open minded, and then others that are just way out there LOL!

Even my own thinking, way of eating, and finding proper nourishment for my body has evolved over time.

I find society constantly trying to “box” us in. First thought when someone approaches a cleaner way of eating is a diet mindset. For many of us, that triggers feelings of binging. We restrict too much all at once and then we cave horribly by binging on a pack of oreos and then we spend the next few weeks justifying poor food choices because we get the mindset of “well I messed up already, so what’s the point?’

We aren’t fixing the inner issue- our addiction. We have been brought up on sugar, toxic food, and tainted water. Our body is totally addicted to these things and we sometimes struggle to wake up and realize we are our own worst enemy.

So when people approach me on “how do I start keto?” my thought process is totally different now. First, I ask “Well tell me a typical day of eating and drinking?” We have to start with where you are at, and then make small adjustments. To me, diving in cold turkey to a new way of eating without making the right mental preparations is like asking someone who doesn’t even exercise to go enter an IronMan competition. You’re setting that person up for failure.

Taking small steps is OK. If you’re wanting to make dietary changes, go one step at a time. And many times, keto/lowcarb may not be for you.. Our bodies are so vastly different, so I’ll never tell you THIS or THAT diet is better. Bottom line, you know yourself and you will be the one to tune into how your body is reacting with different foods. It may definitely take time to find what works for you!

Believe me- I’ve been thru so many ways of eating! I did straight juicing for a long time, I did pescatarian, I did sodium free, I mean you name it- I’ve probably been down that path.

My approach now- EAT WHOLE & REAL FOODS. My bottom line advice- step away from the processed foods. No one can tell me that is NOT the way to go. The closer to the ground you can source your food no matter how you eat is going to open the doors to an improvement on your health. This includes vegan too! I truly believe there is a way to be healthy in any type of specified “diet” if you are getting your nutrients from REAL food.

The biggest culprit I see people struggling with is sugar addiction. I even have close friends who are physicians, and they express the same thing to me- “I am addicted to sugar and I just don’t even know if I want to stop”

Get to the root of when you’re having that craving. Are you stressed when you reach for the sweets (or other comfort food) Are you just doing it because you’re “bored”?

Is it even deeper? So many people turn to food as a comfort from deeper childhood (or adulthood) emotional trauma. For me, I know I turned to food when I left an abusive marriage and was struggling to figure out how I would pay my bills. I thrived off of cheap fast food and my feelings of comfort would surge when I’d get that Nacho Bell Grande from Taco Bell with an extra large Coke. It fed my “feel good” receptors and for a brief few moments, all the troubles melted away. I found a little peace and quiet and could drown out the world.

Food addiction is REAL and it needs proper attention. Sometimes we are able to take it on headfirst on our own, but don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Therapists, support groups, a health coach (like me!) , and so many self-help books can provide the resources for you to get to the root and assist you in finding better coping mechanisms. If you’re not sure where to start- begin with a journal. Hold yourself accountable to YOU. No one has to know what you’re doing. Sometimes we have to be our own hype team and that’s ok!

It’s important to remember you took years to develop these food addictions, and it’s an ongoing process to address them. As you begin your journey, you’re doing to get real and raw with yourself and dig into so much self discovery. You’ll soon see there’s so much more about YOU. Working on YOU is the most important gift you can give to yourself and those with whom you have relationships with.

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