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CBD & Menstrual Cramps

CBD for menstrual cramps- could it possibly help? I've been putting it to the test and sharing my experience with you below!

I've been using HempWorx CBD for over a year now in my everyday supplement routine. Primarily I began using it as just a muscle recovery aspect from workouts, then I began to notice how much my moods were balancing out, how much less stressed I felt, and then how much more at ease my days were going.

So I wanted to truly put it to the test over the past couple of months taking either a higher dose or milligram. So I began utilizing the 750mg Full Spectrum about 3 months ago around the time when my menstrual cycle began. I still kept the 500mg for everyday use.

I don't suffer from debilitating menstrual cramps, but I would have days spent hugging the heating pad longer than I would like to so I decided that was warranted a higher milligram of dosage.

So I began to take it upon the first sign of my cycle beginning. Usually my toughest days are days 2 & 3 so that's when I really made sure to pay attention.

I noticed immediately on day two I was able to get up and not take that extra time sort of just laying around like I used to do.

I started with a full dropper once I woke up and the day went smoothly. I did have some cramps of course, but nothing to the degree of pain I had gotten before. I didn't have to lay down with the heating pad, and I noticed I wasn't pausing to do the occasional "wincing" face or stretch to relieve pain.

I also was mindful of the fact that I didn't get the usual muscle soreness around my legs that was a normal occurrence for me.

I took the 750 two times a day, in the morning upon waking up and in the evening after my shower which was right before bed and it is definitely going to be something I continue to do!

Have you implemented CBD into your daily routine yet? It's been a life changing supplement for me and my family! We all take it for various reasons.

I not only supplement with it but I also believe in it so much that I sell it too!

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All products come with a 60 day money back guarantee and are sourced from organic farms in Kentucky

If you're not sure where to start send me an email here : mydomesticatedbitofchaos@gmail.com

I'd love to chat and see how we can work together to get you on CBD !

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