CBD & Me- Part 1 The Toddler Chronicles Teething and Severe Separation Anxiety

I want you to picture this. Going thru a terrible time of anxiety in your life, having FOUR toothaches, a fever, not sleeping for more than 45 minutes at a time, and working on eliminating your favorite food that you're basically addicted to. All in the same week, on repeat- for weeks on end.

That's how McKenna's last month has been. Separation anxiety is REAL for babies and toddlers. And she has had it to the max. I definitely attribute it to the fact that I've always been home with her. All of my other kiddos went to daycares or were with a sitter, so they adjusted easier. I walk away to go to the bathroom, and a meltdown ensues. I turn a corner in the house and she can't see me- the waterworks turn on.

As for the teething- it has been intense! Getting in her molars is so rough for a poor little one- the swollen gums and the discomfort of teeth pushing through is just awful. And to have four happening all back to back has been overwhelming for her. The on and off fever associated with teething, and the restless sleeping has been a trial some time for both of us!

We are also cycling to the end of our breastfeeding journey, with only feeds in the evening and during times of discomfort. So the nursing has actually picked up a bit more due to being able to comfort her sufficiently, but if you have ever breastfed a teething toddler you know the reality of biting. And the biting is happening like crazy. So she's crying and trying to nurse, then she bites me, and then I freak out and she starts to cry because I startle her- it's a circle of crying and freaking out LOL.

Looking for remedies for teething aside from the continous Tylenol I was basically stumped. But then I remembered the brand new CBD my husband and I both had been taking. Why not try it out on her?

It had been A WEEK of no sleep, constant biting, and total separation anxiety to the max. I was exhausted, she was exhausted. I just basically crossed my fingers and gave her a dose one night before bedtime. What did I have to lose?

She slurped it right down! (She totally loves the cinnamon flavor)

She went to sleep ten minutes later at 8:40pm and stayed asleep until 4am. When she woke up at 4am, she just needed a diaper change, some water, and went right back to sleep!

I couldn't believe it! Was this a fluke? Is this just a "one time" thing. So we tried again the next night. Same thing, except she slept even later- 9pm to 5:45am.

Could this be for real? Was I just in a state of crazy exhaustion and maybe I slept thru her waking up? Nope. This was the real deal.

Finally! We had found some relief for my sweetheart.

We have started implementing it during the day as well to assist when she seems to be having pain from teething as well as prior to when she spends one hour in the gym daycare while I go work out. She has improved so much having regular doses of CBD, and it makes me feel so much better knowing she has some relief!

She even reaches for the dropper when she sees it coming, it's like she already is realizing how much better it makes her feel. Plus I know the delicious cinnamon and peppermint flavors are definitely delicious, so it makes it easy to have her take it compared to struggling to get her to down conventional Tylenol and such.

Have you thought about using CBD to help your kiddos? There are so many articles coming out in regards to how CBD is helping so many people in so many ways.

I always encourage you to check your sourcing of CBD and make sure that it's top notch and coming with a money back guarantee.

I only trust HempWorx products for my littles! If you're interested, check out my online shop here: www.mydailychoice.com/lianejenkins

Feel free to send me an email with any questions you may have- mydomesticatedbitofchaos@gmail.com

I'd love to set aside some time to chat about what your needs are and how CBD can help you!