CBD & Coffeeberry Softgel Supplements

I’m totally loving this new supplement I’ve been taking! 

Coffeeberry Energy gives you a great natural energy boost- perfect as a preworkout. Heck I even took one the other day after the full moon because the baby did not sleep well and I hit a slump around 3pm. I simply popped one of these supplements and got right back in the groove of things! And of course- these are clean ingredient supplements!

Ok but let's back up, what the heck is a coffeeberry?

Coffeeberry is the whole fruit of the coffee plant and it can be the most powerful of natural antioxidants, better than white tea, blueberries, and pomegranates. They are the fruits from the Coffea Arabica plant, which are the seeds of the coffee beans we know and love. They are cherry-like and highly perishable. 

Coffee berries are believed to be extremely rich in antioxidants. It is because the plants grow near the equator and at high altitudes where the sun’s oxidizing rays are strongest. The coffee plants synthesize these powerful antioxidants to protect itself from the high doses of ultraviolet radiation.

Though lots of fruits contain antioxidants, the coffeeberry beats other sources with more than three times the level of concentration found in green tea and blueberries. It contains polyphenols which neutralize free radicals in and on the skin before they can affix to skin cells and destroy the membrane.

Coffeeberry is known to be safe even for sensitive skin types due to its natural properties and its antioxidants are believed to prevent cellular damage in the skin. It can also prevent wrinkles and other sun damage from developing.

Some benefits of Coffeeberry:


Supports cognitive performance


Supports exercise performance


Supports mood


Help preserve natural antioxidants in the body


Protect cell membranes and human plasma against damaging oxidation


Neutralize toxic free radicals


Help maintain healthy blood glucose levels already in normal range

Combine all of those along with CBD as a supplement and you are looking at a little golden egg!

Coffeeberry® Energy is a patented extract that delivers caffeine and unique polyphenols of the whole coffee fruit, not just the beans - and is sourced from farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Made from carefully selected, hand-picked, premium Arabica coffee cherries, our blend is pure bliss.

Plus, each soft gel also contains NeuroFactor®, a unique profile of polyphenols that have been shown to support the production of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), a key neuroprotein involved in brain performance.

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