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7 Tips to A More Successful Week

The weeks seem to come and go so fast, and with all of our schedules doing a gull 180 this year (hello 2020 you are a b*tch) I feel the need to be even more in tune with my scheduling to make sure I'm on track!

Here's how I've been managing my weeks to stay on top of everything as best as possible!

1)Set aside one day to do all your scheduling for the week

Sunday is my designated "scheduling" day.

I take time to schedule my whole week I have coming up ahead. This includes looking at appointments already made, needing to be made, scheduling dinners, and also my businesses. I look thru upcoming zoom calls I may be having, what I need to be accomplishing in my tasks whether it's in person or online and make sure I have all of the appropriate tools at hand to complete. Sometimes I need a babysitter so I can get all of the things accomplished so I will rearrange certain thing so I can accomplish my "outings" all in one day with the sitter we have.

I plan out as best as possible, but also allow for flexibility because as we know life happens!

2)Fridge/Pantry Cleanout & Grocery Prep

I also complete this on Sunday- sometimes even Saturday! I like to get the fridge and pantry cleaned up. With four kids constantly rummaging I do a pantry clean up from empty boxes and such. The fridge gets purged from leftovers, and I can see what items need to be replaced. Also since I've given myself a good idea of what I'm going to prep for dinner meals that week it all gets added to my grocery list. I'm a huge fan of being able to place that grocery pickup order and have been using it to my advantage to just add all items to my cart and then schedule a time when I'm going to be out and about (usually Sunday afternoon) and then my fridge is stocked and ready for the week ahead.

3)Laundry Daily

This is definitely the adult "never ending story" I have a large family and if I'm not doing a complete load of laundry from start to finish every day I find myself drowning in laundry and spending way too much time trying to "catch up"

I go around in the mornings and collect everyones laundry after they've changed out of pjs, toss in those kitchen towels that always seem to be used excessively and start a load.

4)Prep Easy Proteins and Clean Veggies/Fruits

I try to make sure this happens on Sunday too! I like to have proteins prepped like a batch of chicken breast and taco seasoned ground beef. I generally make 3 pounds of ground beef and about 5 whole chicken breasts. I split the breasts, rub them down with a bit of mayo (works great to hold in the moisture of the meat) and season with salt and pepper. I usually alternate seasonings- one week I'll do Cajun, another garlic and herb, another week lemon pepper and so on.

The ground beef I just cook on the stove in my homemade taco seasoning and have it on hand for easy lunches!

5)Set aside time for daily movement

Incorporating a time for daily exercise is essential in my everyday. If I'm not getting in movement, I don't have a fully functional day. In the beginning, yes it was HARD! But now I feel totally off if I'm not active in some way shape or form. Somedays it's a full blown hard core hour busting weights, and some days it's just a 30 minute brisk walk thru the neighborhood on loop with the stroller because the girls have me tied up!

7) Clutter clean up!

I keep a "bin" in each room to collect items. With four kids things literally end up everywehre that they shouldn't be! I keep a plastic bin in each room for quick and easy clean up. If I'm just organizing by the moment I toss everything in there and then sort thru it later and put things in their place. If I'm having unexpected company, it makes a quick way to "stash" things aside!

These are just some things I put into practice to keep our week flowing as smoothly as possible!

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