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7 Tips for a Smoother Month

Every day is always a chance to begin a new journey, but there is just something about a new month beginning that really makes me set up new goals.

Sometimes, trying to accomplish TOO much change at once sets you up for failure. So here's seven steps I've been putting into practice to keep a happy, healthy, and successful month flowing, I hope they help you too!

1) Say No to People and Things That Don't Align With You

This is the first one for a reason. We put ourselves in a lot of uncomfortable situations for the sake of trying to not make others uncomfortable. Now is the time to bow out. If someone is repeatedly pushing unrealistic expectations on you, talking about things that are just THEIR opinion, don't surround yourself with those people! If you aren't feeling a situation, just leave. It's ok to make decisions based on what you feel comfortable with. Saying "NO" is a hard thing for me personally, but I promise you it gets easier and easier. You can't continue to pour from an empty cup and overextending yourself!

2) Stay Hydrated!

Listen up- I promise you you aren't drinking enough water. Which is leaving you craving more food, cranky, and probably with headaches more often than you'd like to admit. We are basically emotional house plants- so drink up!

Try setting an alarm every hour to remind you to drink your water!

Find a cup you like!

Make a competition with your spouse!

Find a way to make it something you will do on the daily. Personally- I have this giant gallon jug I carry around and its been something I ask my kids to remind me to do during the day!

3)Don't turn on the TV in the mornings while you are prepping for your day

We are hit constantly with programming! Set the tone for your day with some intentinoal music. I get it- you have kids and they want to watch their shows. Just ease them out of it! A good distraction is putting on their favorite songs. We always play music in the morning. I first started doing this back in March when we were "quarantined" I found our family relying on the TV so much and it totally set a bad tone for the day. Now my kids look forward to the morning music and it's honeslty so sweet to see them all just chilling out to the vibe we are setting. I set the same rule when we are in the car on the way to school for the morning- no listening to the usual radio "chit chat" We pick a set of tunes or even listen to a podcast with some info that we are into!

4)Find A Way To Incorporate Daily Movement

This is one that we give up on too quickly! If you aren't already working out on the daily, don't make some wild goal to hit up the gym for an hour a day. Start SMALL. The key is consistency, and building up your pace.

If you don't work out at all- add in a 10 minute daily INTENTIONAL walk. Then increase to 20 minutes. Step up to adding in some resistance bands... and so on. Don't get too hard on yourself. I used to never think I would become someone who would work out on the daily- I used to HATE it. Now, it's totally become my mental release and I look forward to it everyday!

5)Put Your Health First

Practice positive self talk when you are faced with tough/tempting positions. Is it worth the "after effect"?

This includes so many aspects-




Are the food/drink choices you're making good for your body?

Is constantly lounging around the best thing you can do physically?

Are you letting others put pressure on you for how you should feel?

Taking CBD is also going to regulate those ups and downs of all aspects of your health!

Check out my blog post HERE on the health benefits of CBD and the only brand I trust to use

6)Set Realistic Goals

Overwhelming ourselves with too much change at once is when we oftentimes fail. If you are looking to change your way of eating, take small steps. Week one- eliminate the sodas, week two- eliminate the pasta. You have to remember we have spent years doing things a "certain" way. You can't expect successful changes overnight.

If you have particularly difficult hurdles to overcome, try joingin an online support group.

I also offer coaching and meal plans which you can browse HERE

7)Plan A "Treat" For When you Hit Those Goals

But... don't make it food related. Put your goals in check with a solid reward!

How about some new leggings? Those shoes you've been eyeing?

A mani/pedi for when you accomplish that new thing?

If you are hitting something major how about a spa day?

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