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21 Things for 2021

So everyone is on track for 2021 with new goals and I think that is fabulous!

I have things that are already in motion, and others that are NEW achievements I'm lining up for myself and I wanted to share!

21 Things for 2021

1)Manifesting all things of success

2)Staying on track with the way of eating that works best for me

3)Exercise to improve my mental health, not to punish my body

4)Keep on track with my 3 daily gratitude journal inputs

5)Finishing my online school (this has been a continued struggle of mine!)

6) Spending one day a week with time dedicated to a friend (whether its face time, in person, or just a lengthy phone call) to reconnect

7) Improving my personal connections with those closest to me

8)Setting aside dedicated "date nights" with my husband for a minimum of one time a week (whether it's actually going out or staying in)

9)Spending more time in personal development. This will vary through the year but things such as self improvement courses in personal growth and so on.

10)Become more organized- I have been getting so much better at this! Having a dedicated planner for each major activity and business I am involved in has helped so much!

11)Continue on turning my hobbies into a business. I have started Encompass Calm and also The Conscious Goddess Box with a co-founder and they are blossoming!

12)Read More Books I'm working thru my library slowly but surely, but setting aside more dedicated time to this is my goal.

13) Spend More Time In Nature I picked up a pretty decent green thumb this year during quarantine and spending more time outdoors is in my goals

14) Start Doing Planks Every Day I have been back at it with planking. It's one of my favorite exercises which is WILD because they used to be my LEAST favorite!

15)Enjoy the Little Things- This comes in tow with my journaling daily. I have really been focusing on the "little things" and appreciating them everyday.

16)Volunteer More - I have a huge passion for helping others and finding that fulfilled thru volunteering has been wonderful.

17)Become more efficient in yoga- I've always wanted to get better at yoga and this is the year I'll definitely make it happen.

18)Stay hydrated- Daily water intake is a must! I love my gallon jug, it keeps me accountable!

19)Take back my lunchbreak As a stay at home mom I forget to set aside time and get real nourishment during the day! I am always taking care of the kids and making sure THEY eat.

20)Send more hand written cards and letters I love getting hand written cards and when I send them out everyone loves them! It just shows so much more sentiment and I enjoy making them too.

21)Plan more family one-on-one activities - Setting aside family time with intention is something I need to improve

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