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12 Steps For A Smoother Holiday Season

If you've been following along on Instagram I've been sharing the steps we are putting in motion to have a smooth Holiday Season.

Here's this week's tips so far!

What are your tips to stay sane around this time of year? Login and leave me a comment here below!

1) Schedule out your week!

Sunday’s are always a day of scheduling and organizing for me!

I update my planner with any additional commitments, meetings, zooms, etc.

I handle my usual fridge and pantry clean out (4 kids put a dent on all of that during the week on the regular!) , my meal planning for the family dinners, protein prep, and grocery pickup (I order online as I do the fridge clean out to save myself steps and time!)

Im also taking today to plan our Holiday meal and pick out my favorite recipes I’ll want to make.

Always make sure to end with some ME time before you start this upcoming week.

2)Plan Out Your Holiday Meals ASAP

I sat and planned out our whole Christmas Dinner the other day. We will be having 16 people here so I want to make sure I had all bases covered!

It also allows me time to plan to pick which low carb dishesI want to remake (I have some classics I always mix up!) and also gives me the flexibility to have a little bit of time to "test" something new- like these ROASTED SAVORY COCONUT bites!

I couldn't believe how much these tasted just like POTATOES- and I made them in the airfryer in under 12 minutes! Sharing how I made them in this week's email newsletter,so make sure you're subscribed to www.mydomesticatedbitofchaos.com

I also plan out the grocery list for that week, and begin to make room in the freezers (yep- I have multiple with all these kids!) so I can store what I need to properly.

We are going with 2 turkeys, a ham, and I designated my sister to make the roast (she's excited, trust me!)

Extra Tip- Plan whatever side dishes you can that will cook and/or stay warm in a crock pot to keep your oven space freed up!

3) Stick With A Routine, Yet Allow For Flexibility

I don't go off track on our way of eating ever due to regulating my autoimmune and the fact that I just feel so much better staying lowcarb/keto- reduced inflammation, weight maintenance, etc.

I also don't slack on my supplements and exercise during the Holidays. They may not be as intense, but I still strive for daily movement!

I know personally if I allow excuses for one day, it can easily snowball into 2 days, then , 2 weeks... and you keep hanging onto ideas like "Well it's the Holidays'', "Well it's going to happen AFTER the new year".

If you need a support buddy get in my inbox! I love the accountability ❤️

4) Keep Your Kiddos Busy and Feeling Stress Free!

I've pre planned activities for the kids over the Holiday Break so they aren't glued to television or tablets.

Also this year has been super overwhelming for them all, so I want to make sure their break is relaxing too!

We have a day picked out to go to the coast, specific cookies requested by the teens to make & decorate, and even a day out in fake snow around here in Florida.

Not to mention some fun crafts and nature trail collecting planned.

We are loving on our CB-D gummy worms for the kiddos too! We all still take the oil as maintenance, but the gummies are really like a "spot on" application.

Sometimes this girl plays so hard she works herself up into tears when it's time to leave playing at the playground or with friends!

I keep these babies on hand to provide her some ease in adjusting with all of those emotions!

Although it can't help with her constant questioning of WHY IS THERE NO SNOW IN FLORIDA?? LOL!

5)Take Time Out To Enjoy the Little Things!

Things get hectic and we allow so much to overwhelm us in our daily lives that we forget to take time to enjoy the little things.

What is a family favorite recipe you could all prepare together? Or even a fun game of monopoly? Break out of the race and set aside two hours to gather your immediate family at the dinner table and enjoy a full meal, dessert, and a game night!

We all had a blast whipping up a great classic the other day, a low carb spin on Tiramisu! Each kid got a different "component" to work on and then we all dug in at the end!

What's something fun you like to do with your family?

Stay tuned for more tips to come.. make sure you're following me on Instagram!

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