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Disclaimer **I am not a medical professional and this calculator is simply to aid you on your own journey. Any dietary changes should always be discussed with your primary health care provider**  

When first starting keto, it may be helpful to get a better understanding on your macro requirements for your body type. 

The three main macronutrients that pertain to a keto diet are fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. 

  • Fats are 90% ketogenic and 10% anti-ketogenic, due to the small amount of glucose (sugar) that is released in the conversion of triglycerides into our energy.​

  • Proteins are  approximately 46% ketogenic and 58% anti-ketogenic since insulin levels usually rise in response to the absorption of specific amino acids. Insulin indirectly decreases each of our own ketone production.

  • Carbohydrates are  100% anti-ketogenic, as they raise both blood glucose and insulin. 

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